Mr.Expan Multifunction Cleaner 500ml


The main ingredients of the product:
APG Surfactant, AGE Surfactant, Bactericidal Deodorant, Enzyme

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Brand: Mr. Expan Category: Personal Care & Health SKU: 4895140443994 Supplier: Advance Team Trading Limited Product Enquiry

• This multi- purpose detergent is made of a specially selected natural enzyme, no uorescent brightener, no toxic residues making it mild
   and safe to use.

• Its deep cleaning ability can eectively dissolve stubborn oil stains, kill bacteria and inhibit bacteria growth and exudes a fresh pine scent.

• It can be used on oors, food stains , oil and food stains, sofas and car seats. It can also be used to clean sport shoes, as well as stains from
   wine, soy sauce and coee.


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